Highways and Transportation Engineering

Sri Lanka, been a developing country that has initiated many infrastructure developments projects, mainly in urban and rural road development projects together with other supportive infrastructure development projects such as earthwork & paving, electrification, landscaping, widening, up-gradation and drainage and beyond. This has created many opportunities for our firm to demonstrate our talent in recent Highways and Transportation projects.

Vast experience of our highly qualified and skilled team of professionals at 3G Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. has allowed us to undertake enormous projects as constructions of highways. As a company that always have the best interest of its clients in mind, we were able to render the best service possible through the design optimization, value engineering, and the process of design reviews applicable to the country’s economy, social and environmental conditions.

The services currently being rendered by 3G are;

  • Conceptual Design and Feasibility Studies
  • Baseline Survey and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Detailed Investigation, Survey, Geometric Designs and Pavement Designs of Roads.
  • Detail Structural Analysis and Design of Structures (Bridges, Viaducts, Retaining Wall, Culverts)
  • Design Review and Design Optimization for D&B contracts
  • Hydrological Studies and Drainage Design
  • Road Facility Design (Traffic Signal, Road Signs, Road Marking, Toll plaza, Admin Buildings, Service area etc...)
  • Project Procurement Advise and Documentation
  • Construction Supervision, Quality Assurance and Contract Administration
  • Environmental & Social Management
  • Public & Construction Safety Management

Related Projects

  • Widening and improvement of Manampitiya, Aralaganwila, Maduru Oya road project

    Year 2017 - 2017

    This service comprised the preparation of road geometric design including horizontal and vertical alignments, pavement design, existing and design cross sections, hydrological study and drainage design on behalf of the design and build contractor. The project is funded by the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and Road Development Authority Sri Lanka has act as the Project Consultants.